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iaomi’s phones get all the attention, but over the years the manufacturer has rolled out hundreds of lifestyle products through its Mi Ecosystem label.

Under the Ecosystem label, Xiaomi partners with hundreds of Chinese companies to offer smart home products, fitness bands, smart shoes, robot vacuums, and even a rice cooker. Over the course of the last year, that partnership has extended to include everyday objects like backpacks, luggage, and screwdriver sets. Xiaomi sells these products under its own label, with the smart home products marketed under the Mijia sub-brand.

For instance, the $25 Mi Band 2 is sold as a Xiaomi product, but it is manufactured by Huami. The brand’s smart shoes are also made by Huami, and are sold under the Mijia label. Then there’s the Mi Robot vacuum, which is made by Roborock.

By focusing on the lifestyle category, Xiaomi is looking to build an ecosystem of devices that communicate with each other. You can use the Mi Home app to control all of the brand’s smart home products, and there’s also the option to group multiple products and set up rules. For instance, you can set up a motion detector at the door, and have the lights and air purifier switch on the moment you enter your house.

A lot of these products are sold exclusively in China, so you’ll have to purchase them via third-party resellers. Without further ado, these are the best Xiaomi lifestyle products you can purchase today.

Yeelight LED bulb

The LED bulb is available for just $22 less than half the cost of an equivalent Hue bulb. The best part about the Yeelight LED bulb is that it doesn’t need a centralized hub to work, lowering the barrier to entry.

Each individual bulb connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network, and can be controlled by either the Mi Home app or the dedicated Yeelight app.

There are several preset options to choose from, or you can just play with the color palette to get the desired lighting effect. The Yeelight LED bulb also works with Google Assistant and Alexa, giving you the ability to control the lights and change the scene with your voice. The color temperature of the bulb goes from 1700K to 6500K, and you can set up “rooms” within the Mi Home app to link up several bulbs and control them at once.

The Yeelight LED bulb is now officially available in the U.S. as well, but it costs slightly more at $29.99. The U.S. version comes with an E26 socket and works over 110V at 60Hz, and is sold directly on Amazon.

The international version of the bulb comes with an E27 socket and is designed to work over 220V, and is available for $22.35.

Yeelight LED Lightstrip

Yeelight’s LED lightstrip offers the same premise as the brand’s LED bulb — you get a similar feature-set as the Hue LightStrip for a fraction of the cost. The lightstrip is two feet long (same as Hue), but costs just $29.

There’s a remote with a single button that lets you toggle the lightstrip, and you can also control it via the Mi Home app. The lightstrip is certified IP65, so you can use it outdoors as well. And it comes with Google Assistant and Alexa integration.

Best of all, it’s available direct from Amazon in the U.S. for $29.99. If you’re looking to pick these up in other markets, you’ll have to shell out $36.72.

Mi Band 2

The Mi Band 2 is one of Xiaomi’s most popular products around, and it’s not hard to see why. The fitness band costs just $28, and comes with a dizzying array of features that include an OLED screen, activity tracking, heart rate sensor, call and notification alerts, and automatic sleep tracking.

You’ll be able to view detailed statistics on your daily activity from the Mi Fit app, which syncs with Google Fit. One of the biggest reasons for the Mi Band 2’s success is its battery life. Offering over 20 days of battery life on a full charge, the Mi Band 2 dwarfs most of its rivals in this category.

If you’re using the Mi Band 2, you should also consider picking up the Mi Smart Scale. The $42 scale hooks up to the Mi Fit app, and gives detailed information of your weight, BMI index, and much more.

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