Embracing New Lifestyle Trends In 2018

As you know from my colour trends post earlier this month, I don’t always follow trends unless they resonate with me personally, but I have become pretty good at looking at trends and taking bits from them if they work for me. And I think that’s the best way to approach trends. As yourself, ‘Can they work for me?’ and ‘How can they help to improve my life?’ If there is some benefit for you, go ahead, but don’t just follow trends to be part of the cool gang.

Apart from hygge, I haven’t really paid much attention to the other trends I’m talking about today and it wasn’t until I started researching this post that I realised how much these trends speak to me and my life goals. So let’s get started and you can tell me what you think of these lifestyle trends in the comments at the end, okay?


I’ve touched a little bit on Hygge here before, which you can see in this post. For those of you haven’t heard of it….well where have you been hiding? Hygge has been an absolutely massive trend in interiors and home design in the UK for well over a year now, maybe even two now I come to think about it. Everything has revolved around making our homes as hyggelig as possible. But what is hygge? With no direct translation into English it can be a little bit tricky to define but according to Wikipedia Hygge is the Scandinavian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Over recent years, hygge has become a defining characteristic of Danish culture. It has been lauded as the lifestyle to aspire to as if we Brits are completely incapable of creating an atmosphere that helps us to feel happy, cosy, contented, warm, safe and comforted. I try to experience Hygge as often as possible and I like nothing more than snuggling up in a cosy blanket beside the fire with loved ones, sipping hot tea and chatting with friends, settling down to read a good book or sharing a meal with mates. (I’m not a big fan of candles mind you!) All things which could come under the umbrella of hygge.

In his book, A Very British Hygge, Simon Sinclair notes that hygge has a lot to do with our state of mind and it’s more about learning to be happy with the simple things in life. It’s about getting pleasure from experiences rather than stuff. The part of the book that really resonated with me was the bit about decluttering your home and making sure that your home tells your story. I’ve been feeling stressed at home ever since having kids meant that the amount of stuff that we own practically tripled overnight. We live in a small two bedroom flat so all these belongings can feel suffocating.

I’ve been reading a lot recently about becoming a minimalist and it is something I would love to attempt. I don’t mean I want to live in bare home with only a few pieces of furniture and no belongings. But I really would like to go through my home and get rid of everything that isn’t useful, doesn’t bring joy, hold fond memories or tell our story. I’m pretty sure that doing this would help me to feel more relaxed and at ease at home and I would definitely feel more comfortable having friends and family come round if we weren’t drowning in clutter that needed to be tidied away every five minutes.

This would definitely help me to feel more hyggelig. However, I can only do this if I can convince my husband to do the same. He really doesn’t like the idea of getting rid of his stuff and he loves to hold on to things that he will never use again and hasn’t even looked at for the past 10 years. Perhaps I need to fill him in on hygge and another big lifestyle trend that ties in with this, Lagom.

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